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Falls Over Whole (Believing Through)

from by The Pawnshop Manual



When writing songs I usually write the chorus last – it’s arguably the most important part of the song, and I labour over it for weeks, months, even years. In this case though, I had the rare instance of having an idea for a chorus first. In fact, the verses weren’t written until at least a year had passed. There are so many songs that talk about peace, changing the world, promoting fairness – we hear them daily, and some have even become ingrained within the social fabric. We all want better, to be better. Yet there’s a certain element of design to the way we live, like an assembly line of things to do in life. Anything outside of it presents serious challenges to money, comfort and security – unless you’re really lucky. But if we’re honest with ourselves, it’s not hard to see that an assembly line life – and the things we accomplish through it – perpetuates the very things we sing against. We become living hypocrisies, healing our egos through various forms of distraction. This song is about that moment when you realize you’re far from where you want to be, but feel the enormous pressure to stay on course – and a strange sense of loneliness. You don’t want to cheapen your convictions, but you’re hitting a glass ceiling of what you can do with your life, what you can change in the world.


heal upon
sulfur and salons

appeals designed
by feelings in cologne

a lone tour in emotions
dissolved, shows our oceans

and truths I knew
flew from you

falls over whole
over you

ceilings above
those evening songs we love

revealing all we are
for being what we aren't

a lone tour in emotions
dissolved, shows our oceans

and truths I knew
flew from you

falls over whole
over you

and fade away
spared from sway

More than we are
more than here


from Parcels & Polaroids, released February 10, 2011
Written and Performed by The Pawnshop Manual, with Bass by Miles Waghray, Drums by Juli Steemson (

Artwork and Design by Eric Anderson (




The Pawnshop Manual

The Pawnshop Manual make intellectual and infectious pop that satisfies the listener's yearning for music that asks big questions and mulls the answers thoughtfully and creatively.

To express these complex themes, The Pawnshop Manual draws from musical influences ranging from world music, rock, pop, folk, electronica and classical music. One could say Radiohead meets Björk meets Arcade Fire.
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