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We've Become Here (Bonus Single Version)

from by The Pawnshop Manual



This is the single version of the track, "We've Become Here (Believing In)". It's mixed slightly differently, and is a shorter run time from the album version.

There are at least three versions of this song, written and recorded with completely different verse melodies and lyrics. The other versions had a melody that was much more accessible, strongly adhering to the tenants of Western pop music. My goal though was to convey a complexity of emotions that ultimately burst into a strong chorus – but the complexity wasn’t being conveyed very well. In what turned out to be the final version, I decided to go in a different direction and incorporate Indian influences. I’m particularly happy with how this song flows from “Falls Over Whole”. There’s a simple guitar line that is repeated throughout the two songs, connecting the two ideas. In essence, “Falls Over Whole” and “We’ve Become Here” are one song – the former is about the sense of loneliness, the latter is the realization that everyone else is also struggling to make something out of their lives.


you, your lungs have tried
to write over the lines
and bought auburn and white
forgot old themes in fight

So show, reshow
All the beliefs in things we know
And write, rewrite
What we’ve become here

Here we try…
Stretched inside
Reaching up from parts we've fallen into

when fullness becomes an overwhelming source of pride
when voters and false careers believe in all the lies
where bottom, beneath, below becomes the end of why
we all dance as volunteers for causes we defy

So show, reshow
All the beliefs in things we know
And write, rewrite
What we’ve become here

Here, we lie
Stretched inside,
Reaching up from faults we've fallen into

Here we try,
Stretched inside,
Reaching up from parts we've fallen into
Reaching up from faults we've fallen into…


from Parcels & Polaroids, released February 10, 2011
Written and Performed by The Pawnshop Manual, with Bass by Miles Waghray, Drums & Noises by Juli Steemson (

Artwork and Design by The Pawnshop Manual and Eric Anderson (




The Pawnshop Manual

The Pawnshop Manual make intellectual and infectious pop that satisfies the listener's yearning for music that asks big questions and mulls the answers thoughtfully and creatively.

To express these complex themes, The Pawnshop Manual draws from musical influences ranging from world music, rock, pop, folk, electronica and classical music. One could say Radiohead meets Björk meets Arcade Fire.
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